It is quite difficult to go wrong with Bodoni or rather it is extremely easy to get it right […]. His typefaces still lend themselves to continuous variations […] and such a potential has meant that today it is more current than ever.” These are the words of Massimo Dradi (in B come Bodoni, Milan, Silvana Editoriale 2013) to underline some of the characteristics that result in Bodoni lettering being so widely used even today.

Indeed, over the course of the 19th century, many alphabets inspired from the original were created by Italian and foreign foundries, and today numerous “Bodonian” digital fonts have been developed by graphic designers who use them in the most varied sectors of communication and publishing. On this page is a selection of examples of projects realised in the Bodoni typeface, without attempting to be exhaustive. The aim is to demonstrate its continued versatility and how Bodoni remains central in so many fields; from brand identity to advertising, from the corporate image to new publishing, combining with different communication needs not just for commercial and/or artistic ends.