Taking inspiration from the famous biography of Bodoni, Vita del Cavaliere Giambattista Bodoni tipografo italiano, written by Giuseppe de Lama in 1816, Giorgio Camuffo creates an illustrated biography of the most celebrated Italian typographer. Camuffo’s unique and ironic illustrations stand in compelling contrast with the nineteenth-century language of the text (strictly in Bodoni!) and lead the reader in an engaging journey through many defining episodes as well as lesser known anecdotes of his life, drawing a complete portrait of Giambattista Bodoni, a man and a citizen of Parma but also an amazing artisan and typefaces inventor.

Thanks to his unique drawings Giorgio Camuffo sweeps away the lavish encrustations, the devotion and the aura of sacredness that have surrounded Giambattista Bodoni for the past two centuries. Camuffo undresses the man, even literally, offering us a unique and surprising comedy.
James Clough