Since its foundation the Bodoni Museum has been deeply involved in publishing, thus concretizing and making known the research encouraged by the Institute.

The museum publisher counts more than thirty publications, lots of which are still available, such as monographic volumes dedicated to Giambattista Bodoni, catalogues, publications on events and the story of the museum itself; finally, it publishes the periodical Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano, updated from number 13 – 2007/2010 to “Crisopoli. Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano”.

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The Bollettino of the Bodoni Museum

The Bollettino, published since 1972, is the first official voice of the Bodoni Museum and a way of getting in touch with admirers of typography all around Italy and Europe. Despite its humble name, it was never just a simple news bulletin on the activity of the Museum, the Bollettino is a review about studies and sources on the figure and works of Bodoni and the publishing industry, especially local, publishing essays and news about books, typography, bibliology and bibliophily. Obviously, graphics has a fundamental role, as it is a periodical with the aim of spreading awareness of the “prince of typographers” and the museum dedicated to him. The print and the design of the bulletin has been entrusted to the printing-house Artegrafica Silva of Collecchio (PR) since the first issue: big size, wide margins that frame the text, Bodonian typefaces, high quality paper, dust-cover in pale pastel colours; all these features make each issue of this review a typographical masterpiece.


From number 13 – 2007/2010 onwards the periodical changed in name, structure and subject matter. It was given the title of Crisopoli (the golden city), the ancient name of Parma, used by Giambattista Bodoni as the place of printing in numerous works; however, the subtitle keeps the famous original designation chosen by its founder, Angelo Ciavarella. The periodical’s subject matter was reorganized into specific sections. The three sections Bodoniana, Ad libros and Palatina feature the institutional aims of the museum and its close relationship, due to history and location, with the Palatina Library. The fourth section, Parmensia, comprises contributions on history and the arts of the ancient Duchies of Parma during the period examined in the review, to study and enhance the figure and the works of Bodoni, as well as the history of books at large, in which he is certainly important. The last section, Res et monumenta, illustrates historical, political, cultural and artistic times immediately before Bodoni’s activity, precisely when the Library of Parma enjoyed the greatest success – from the seventeen seventies to the first half of the nineteenth century. Moreover, the report of the current activities, formerly at the bottom of each volume, is now shown on the web site.

All the issues of the Bollettino before n° 10 (2004) are offered at discounted prices. Moreover, there is a special promotion of the first six issues or the complete series (single order).



Series of Bollettino da N° 1-6  →  24€  12€ 

Complete series of Bollettino da N° 1-12  →  217€  210€


Single numbers

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n°1,
Parma 1972, 101 p. ill. , 32×24 cm  →  30€  4€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 2,
Parma 1973, 107 p. ill. , 32×24 cm  →  30€  4€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 3,
Parma 1976, 115 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  30€  4€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 4,
Parma 1980, 155 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  30€  4€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 5,
Parma 1983, 119 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  30€  4€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 6,
Parma 1992, 179 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  30€  4€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 7,
Parma 1993, 474 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  80€  40€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 8,
Parma 1995, 265 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  70€  30€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 9,
Parma 2003, 403 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  75€  35€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 10,
Parma 2004, 227 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  30€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 11,
Parma 2005, 125 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  30€

Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 12,
Parma 2006, 351 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  40€

Crisopoli. Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma n° 13,
Parma 2007/2010 [Nuova serie I], 292 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  40€

Crisopoli. Bollettino del Museo Bodoniano di Parma, n° 14,
2011 [N.s. II] (stampa dicembre 2012), 216 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  40€



Museo Bodoniano. Convegno e Mostra Bodoniana
Parma 1958, 92 p. : ill. ; 24,5×17 cm  →   4€

Catalogue of the exhibition that took place in the Palatina Library in 1958 preceded by essays of the organizing committee on preparatory work and prospects of the emerging museum.

G.B Bodoni e la Propaganda Fide – Quaderni del Museo Bodoniano 1°
Parma 1959, (2° ed.). 28 p. : ill. ; 33,5×24,5 cm →  9€  5€

The appendix includes short essays on Bodoni’s Roman period; it is followed by selected letters that prove the uninterrupted relation of mutual gratitude between the typographer and Propaganda Fide.

Inediti sull’Anacreonte – Quaderni del Museo Bodoniano 2°
Parma 1961, 25 p. : ill. ; 33,5×24,5 cm →  9€  5€

Selected letters about the Anacreon edition: an exchange of suggestions and advice between Bodoni and his patron and friend Nicola de Azara, letters of praise for the new publication from polymaths, princes and clergymen.

Bodoni celebrato a Parma
Parma 1963, 307 p, LV c. di tav. : ill. ; 29×23 cm →  70€  5€

The volume was printed on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Bodoni’s death and the inauguration of the museum: it contains a series of essays on Bodoni (among others by S. Samek Ludovici and L. Servolini) and documents, opinions and a rich bibliographical review about the museum.

A.Ciavarella, Onoranze a Österling
Parma 1970, 21 p. : ill ; 27×18 cm →  2€

It as an elegant illustrated booklet made in honour of the Swedish poet and translator of Italian classics, Anders Österling. The booklet deals with the relation between Sweden and Parma at the time of King Gustav III and his visit to the city in 1784, an event also celebrated in various publications by the Ducal Printing Office run by Bodoni.

Bodoni – Miliani, a cura di F. Gasparinetti
Parma 1970, 259 p. ; 32,5×24,5 cm →  50€

Technical publication that examines the papers used by Bodoni for his editions, by means of the correspondence with Pietro Miliani, a paper producer from Fabriano with whom the typographer of Saluzzo collaborated for twenty years.

De Azara – Bodoni, a cura di A. Ciavarella,
Parma 1979, 2 voll 210, 140 p. ; 32,5×24,5 cm →  75€  40€

Publication of the correspondence between Nicola de Azara and Bodoni: composed of 370 letters, it is Bodoni’s most impressive and important correspondence, not least for the authority, prestige and culture of the Spanish interlocutor, an outstanding personality in the world of politics and diplomacy in his time, as well as Bodoni’s friend, adviser, admirer and commissioner.

Bodoni Museum, ed. inglese, Parma 1979.
Das Bodoni Museum, ed. tedesca, Parma 1988
Museo Bodoni, 2° ed. italiana, Parma 2005
13 p. : ill. ; 23,5×15,5 →  5€

The pamphlet contains a short, but exhaustive piece by Angelo Ciavarella on the museum and Giambattista Bodoni. It contains some fine reproductions of Bodonian title pages. Moreover, the new Italian edition is enriched with colour pictures of the museum.

Gli incontri di Parma con Stendhal
Parma 1983, 24 p. : ill ; 30,5×20 cm →  5€

Pamphlet composed of 500 numbered copies, realized on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the author of The Charterhouse of Parma.

20 anni di vita del Museo Bodoniano. Saggi e Testimonianze
Parma 1984, 199 p. : ill. ; 24×17 cm →  15€  8€

The story of the first twenty years of the activity of the Museum through a short series of essays and articles issued in reviews and dailies between 1963 and 1984.

Catalogo del museo Bodoniano, a cura di A. Ciavarella
Parma 2005 (Rist. anastatica dell’ed. 1968), 152 p. : ill. ; 23,5×18 cm →  15€ 

In addition to the part containing the catalogue, the publication offers two exhaustive essays on Bodoni and his collection at the Palatina Library, as well as a collection of letters, testimonies and other documents concerning the Royal Printing Office.

Lettere in libertà. Dalle iniziali miniate ai graffiti, alfabeti, segni, immagini, a cura di R. Cristofori, G.M. De Rubeis,
Parma 2006, 331 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  40€

Parma città d’Europa. Le memorie del padre Paolo Maria Paciaudi sulla Regia Biblioteca Parmense, a cura di A. De Pasquale
Parma 2008 (Caratteri, 1), 205 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  18€

Edition published to celebrate Bodoni’s arrival in Parma and his close relations with the librarian of the Royal Library of Parma, Father Paolo M. Paciaudi. It includes the re-issue of the Memoria ed Orazione del P. Paolo M. Paciaudi intorno alla Biblioteca Parmense printed in 1815 in “Co’ Tipi Bodoniani” by Bodoni’s widow, Margherita Dall’Aglio, and the Mémoire sul la Bibliothéque Royale de Parme, a literary manuscript, unpublished until now.

Bodoni, i Lumi, l’Arcadia, Atti del convegno (Parma, 20 ottobre 2006), a cura di A. Gatti e C. Silva
Parma 2008 (Caratteri, 2), 239 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  18€

A. De Pasquale, Allievi e antagonisti di Giambattista Bodoni: gli Amoretti di San Pancrazio
Parma 2009 (Caratteri, 3), 204 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  18€

The volume goes back over fundamental landmarks in the life and the typographical production of the Amoretti family of San Pancrazio, formerly smiths, then type makers. They learnt the art of typography from their master Giambattista Bodoni and enjoyed a good relationship with him. At the end of the 18th century they ceased their collaboration with the typographer of Saluzzo and opened their own activity. The volume includes facsimile reproductions of the XIXth century flourishes and type specimens of the Amoretti brothers’ foundry.

Il progetto tipografico del libro: Bodoni e i Tallone, a cura di Andrea De Pasqaule e Enrico Tallone
Parma 2009 (Caratteri, 4), 99 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  15€

On the occasion of the exhibition Il progetto tipografico del libro: Bodoni e i Tallone (Biblioteca Palatina, 20 May – 31 August 2009) this volume was produced to show reproductions of the unpublished trial prints and type settings of title pages and internal pages by Giambattista Bodoni, Alberto Tallone and their successors.

Lo sguardo della perfezione. Ritratti di Giambattista Bodoni del XVIII e del XIX secolo: modelli e copie, a cura di Andrea De Pasqaule
Parma 2011 (Caratteri, 5), 42 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  8€

Catalogue of the exhibition, held in Parma from 24 September to 24 November 2011, dedicated to the iconography of Giambattista Bodoni. The exhibition came about as a result of the discovery of unpublished material found in private collections and, in view of the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of his death (1813-2013), at the same time it aimed to update and revisit the iconographic review of 1913 that appeared in «Archivio Tipografico» published by the Scuola Tipografica Torinese, (Turin School of Printing).

Una donna tra libri e caratteri. Margherita Dall’Aglio Bodoni, a cura di A. De Pasquale
Parma 2012 (Caratteri, 6). Guida alla mostra (Parma, 8 marzo-10 aprile 2012), 31 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  8€

Enrico Benetta, una questione di carattere, a cura di A. De Pasquale e I. De Stefano
Parma 2012 (Caratteri, 7). Catalogo della mostra (29 settembre-1 dicembre 2012), 54 p. : ill. ; 28,5×21,5 cm →  10€

Un’istituzione dei Lumi: la biblioteca. Teoria, gestione e pratiche biblioteconomiche nell’Europa dei Lumi, a cura di Frederic Barbier, A. De Pasquale
Parma, 2013 (Caratteri, 8). Atti del Convegno Internazionale (Parma, 20-21 maggio 2011), 243 p. : ill. ; 24×16 cm →  18€

Vestire il pensiero. Tipografia ed editoria nei Manuali tipografici di Alberto ed Enrico Tallone, a cura di A. De Pasquale e E. Tallone (Caratteri, 9). Catalogo della mostra (Torino, Biblioteca Naz.le Universitaria, 6 dicembre 2013-11 gennaio 2014).
49 p. : ill. ; 32×24 cm →  Sold out