Designed over the course of two years by Gert Wiescher for FontShop International and published in 1994, the Bodoni Classic sets out to reconstruct in digital form some examples published in Bodoni’s Manuale Tipografico. It puts forward a series of ornaments that are characteristic of the original while the italic, although respecting the contrast of the prototype, has a different inclination with regard to the original.
There are numerous details that bring it close to the historical model, such as the rounded serif of the leg of the R or the design of the letters v, w, x and y with substantially curved diagonal strokes. It is an interesting example of accurate philological imprinting, which nonetheless suffered from the formidable competition of the almost contemporary ITC Bodoni.

“My Bodoni Classic is one of the few Bodonis that doesn’t have straight edges and pointed corners. The serifs are slightly concave and all corners are rounded off as well as in Bodonis Originals. The curves are different from letter to letter, nothing has been done mechanical.”
Gert Wiescher